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  1. I had two DB1’s…….a standard 1985 strada and #1 of the final 7 ‘Serie Finale’ for 1990. The son and I tracked and rode them on the street for 11 yrs. Sadly I sold both as they were so fragile and the 750 F1 motor I found lacking when I began to ride later 851 & 888 series.

    Your DB1RR kit is a god-send for me to have a DB1R that I can ride everyday.

    How much is this kit and what aircooled 2V Ducati’s does it fit?

    Thank you…… Mike Cecchini USA

    1. Hi Michael! Thanks for your comment.
      We are working to have the kit ready within the end of 2019.
      The kit is designed for ducati monster with frame derived from the 851.
      Please follow us also on facebook, if you like it, at page @moongarage1 .

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